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How to Be a Closet Physics Geek

July 12th, 2006 1:10am Leave a comment

Jess complained that this wasn’t on my site so now it is:

In order to be a closet physics geek, you must:

  • Calculate the distance from your house to Lake Isle using a stopwatch, your eyes, and your ears and fireworks
  • Talk to Mr. Gruber and Mr. Ross about Mythbusters during parties
  • Actually invite physics teachers to a party.
  • Get yelled at by friends for being too technical.
  • Get in trouble for doing physics.
  • Post about being a physics geek at 2 AM when you have to be up at 6AM
  • Explain how waves work while at the beach, or at a concert
  • You know how 3D IMAX films work, and steal the polarized glasses from the theater because they’re cool
  • Make computer programs that generate frequencies from 20-20,000 hz
  • “Pwn” all physics tests
  • Crash the Junior Stay Awake Athon and calculate how loud the DJs speakers are in decibels
  • You own any of the following items
  • Charge a capacitor to full capacity and then short it out to make that cool spark and pop sound.
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