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January 26th, 2008 7:20pm Leave a comment

Another Animal. Most likely you never heard of them, but I was home last weekend and heard one of the songs on a Music Choice channel and something just clicked. It sounded like Godsmack and had some Alice in Chains elements in it. Not very original, but still good music. To explain this easier, I’ll quote wikipedia:

During the writing sessions of IV by Godsmack, lead singer Sully Erna encountered writer’s block so Tony Rombola, Shannon Larkin, and Robbie Merill (the musical section of the band) went to the studio and recorded music. After writing almost 40 songs, only 14 were used (Two being bonus songs). The left-over songs were then recycled by the members after they recruited Whitfield Crane of Ugly Kid Joe and Another Animal was born

So I get a copy of the album and listen to it. Some songs aren’t that great and some are average, but I have three below that are just awesome. The songs have are the most morbid and depressing lyrics that I’ve heard in a long time, and sadly they kind of apply to my life. Listen:

EDIT: Music and Player removed. Go listen somewhere else.

Broken Again is the main single that was released and sounds exactly like Godsmack with one Alice In Chains type guitar solo. Left Behind also has miserable lyrics and an even more distinctive Alice In Chains copying guitar solo. I like it better than Broken Again. Fade away is the most mild of these three. The guitar solo is acoustic and kind of sounds like it could be Weather Chanel music if it were played on a piano or some brass instrument. There are some other good songs that were on the album but I’m not going to post them all.

I’m done blabbering. Sorry if this post sucked, I’m not a professional music review writer.

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