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K-Rock March Bracket Brawl

March 11th, 2008 1:51am Leave a comment

I present to you (with great difficulty), my brackets. By the way, this will never win, because I can just tell it’s not what people think. Click the image for full size.


Now here were the problems:

  1. Led Zeppelin vs. Pink Floyd – hard to choose for me. Both great in their own unique ways.
  2. Stone Temple Pilots vs Pearl Jam. Yikes! I went with STP because the only Pearl Jam album that was awesome was Ten (everything else was just ok).
  3. Foo Fighters vs. Audioslave – Hmm… I’m going with Foo Fighters because the category was 90s, and they had better stuff in the 90s. The good Audioslave wasn’t until 2002 or so.
  4. And the winner? Metallica? Yes, it’s what I picked. I’ve been a Metallica person for the longest time, especially their 80s and 90s works. Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd are legendary, but I didn’t grow up on that. Once again they all cannot really be compared. It’s semi unfair.

Check out the picks of Keith Connor’s, dignitary at the Mirror office.

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