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I Am Bored and Random

March 24th, 2008 3:01am Leave a comment

I needed an update because I kind of wanted to remove the previous post from my homepage. I need to work on the CSS more, because blockquotes look like crap on my homepage (not the blog). But it’s all pulled from the same database. Now that I’m rambling, let me be random and talk about crap most of my non techies couldn’t care less about. It’s almost 4AM, I have been testing Firefox trunk builds all night and reporting bugs (found one where zooming out breaks the background images on this site). It regressed back to October 26, 2007 – (Firefox 3 alpha 9). Since then, there were so many improvements in page zoom, but this one minor thing seemed to break. Oh well, they’ll get it fixed. While I’m at it, go download yourself a beta copy of Firefox 3, it is the shit and kicks Firefox 2’s ass (faster, less RAM, more features). It’s really stable, so don’t be scared. Except don’t be like me and download the nightlys every day because things get messy sometimes. We’ll see where it goes from here. What else? Oh, I got a cold. It’s the second time I got sick this year (which is rare because I’m always healthy). Happy day after Easter. The economy is in the shitter. I’m CPR re-certified, because that expired last year. FiOS TV kick’s iO’s ass because it is much clearer and the guide doesn’t lag. This concludes tonight’s randomness. I’m done. Have a good one.

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