Facebook Worm

First it was the AIM virus, then it was the MySpace friend hijack… It has finally happened – a Facebook worm that hijacks your computer and posts spam on your friends’ walls.


Fear not, Facebook has blocked people from making posts if it contains questionable content. Just because it is blocked on Facebook’s side does not mean your computer is not infected anymore. If the creator of this worm changes the message, it may activate again, or steal your password – you just never know.

Here are some tips if you are infected:

  • Change your Facebook password immediately. You don’t know if the malicious program doing this has stolen your password and sent it to someone.
  • NEVER click on the links in people’s spam posts. It probably contains a malicious script that uses an exploit in Windows to execute code that will infect your computer
  • Make sure you have all the latest operating system updates patches installed (Windows XP / Mac OSX Tiger or Leopard). Don’t ignore these. They are released to fix vulnerabilities that will stop problems like this from happening.
  • Update your Antivirus definitions and Antispyware definitions and run full scans
  • Come find me because I want to figure out what is causing this and create a removal application.