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Date Fixed

January 12th, 2009 1:47am Leave a comment

Yeah no one cares, but I fixed my date format on the posts for the main page on my site. Before today, it was shown as “2009-01-11 14:37:49” which is pretty gross. That’s because that’s how it’s stored in the database when I make posts and I just dump it from there to the main page without formatting. I was too lazy to throw some php together to format it properly. But now it’s all set so we can see in plain English when exactly I saw my posts. Wooo. This is what I do instead of useful things. But classes are tomorrow so see ya later.

Edit – So I had a bug where only the first digit of the date was printing. January 10th, or 11th would show up as January 1. That’s all fixed now.

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