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Leave Me Comments (Site Improvements)

March 3rd, 2009 12:53am Leave a comment

I was over at Dan’s and told him to add a comment on one of my posts, and he had now idea that people were allowed to comment. That’s because everyone is caught up on the portfolioso.com homepage and no one bothers to look at my blog, which supports comments. I have posts going back to 2003, people – not just what is on the front page. It’s because I separate my blog from my main website and dump the last post from the database. But anyway, if you look at the bottom of this post, I added a link that takes you to the related comment posting area for the post. Have fun. Oh, and don’t bother spamming me – I have a CAPTCHA.

Edit: Now added a comment count on the front page, rather than just a “leave comment” link. So it will now display: No comments, 1 comment, 2 comments, etc… Yay for PHP, SQL, and someone who has no life. Actually, it’s called snowy spring break and I can’t go bike riding because it’s 20 degrees and the path is covered in snow.

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