This Guy Just Made My Day

Nick Swisher is my boy. I said that from day one this season – actually, since spring training. For you non-sports folk, Nick Swisher is a dude who had a bad season last year and the Yankees picked up cheaply, and has been absolutely tearing it up lately. The guy is a complete joker (I say this in a good way). His attitude carries the team. So what happens? The Rays shat on the Yankees 15-5 and he volunteers to pitch – and does a better job than anyone else. Swisher threw a complete inning, got 1 strikeout and threw 22 pitches – 12 strikes. He even shook off catcher Jose Molina’s signs (there were no signs). So on a miserable day where Yankee fans should have turned the game off in the 2nd inning, the guy puts some light on the situation. A loss is a loss. If you’re going to get killed, you might as well have fun with it, rather than just give up. He made it clear in his interview that the team’s performance was unacceptable, but he tried to stay in good spirits and help get them winning again. I would much rather watch today’s game and joke about it than to watch something close – like yesterday’s, where you’re an out away from winning it and the bullpen blows it. Those suck.


So what do we learn? Let’s apply this game to my joke of a life. Without going into details, I come up with these ingenious plans in my head that I am 100% confident will work. Let’s just say these plans were as successful as well as Chien Ming Wang’s first two starts (0-2 with a 28.93 ERA in 4.2 innings). My first instinct was to just mope around, go to sleep, listen to Alice in Chains and/or be miserable. But then when i saw the huge smile on his face while pitching, I was like, “Wait a minute, why can’t I be like Swisher?” You don’t see him dragging down the team after a huge loss. Me and the Yankees had a rough Monday – so what? It’s one game out of 162 – and one day out of 365. Swisher still had a blast and will make the best of a bad situation to make things favorable for the Yankees in the future. I plan to do the same.