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You Are Educated, Now Act that Way

June 16th, 2009 4:30am Leave a comment

I was about to go to bed since I need to get back on normal time, but became enraged when I was browsing through a certain social media website and saw someone typing LYk dIsSSS oMGGggggg!!!!!1 What enraged me more was that the person was a well educated, college graduate. Yes folks, this is the type of trash that is getting hired. I ranted about this back in 2005. While reviewing that post, I realized that I was talking about high school girls st the time. Yes, it still makes you look dumb, but looking back, I can cut them some slack. The moment I saw a college grad do that, my blood boiled at our ignorant society and utter stupidity.

Years ago, I wrote a program that does that to a computer. It spams the capslock key on and off so that the typing lOoKS LIkE tHIs. It is a prank and is designed to piss people off. By no means is this supposed to be used for any other purpose and the fact that people go out of their way to do this is sickening.

Apparently, people go out of their way to do this. Does it make you cooler? Please comment and let me know what the purpose of this is. Enlighten me. The only thing I can think of is that it makes you look like a fucking dumbass, so stop doing it. I hope your future employers read it it and not hire you due to your flagrant stupidity and feeble grasp of the English language.

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