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Tomorrow is an Excellent Day

June 29th, 2009 5:09pm Leave a comment

Tomorrow is Tuesday, June 30 2009. It will be a very excellent day. Here is why:

  1. Firefox 3.5 Release – Everyone MUST upgrade their browsers to Firefox 3.5 tomorrow. It has many improvements, the most significant being a drastic speed boost in javascript. It’s much faster than 3.0 and blows away Firefox 2 or even IE 7 or IE 8. If you are on Facebook or any modern web 2.0 social networking sites, lots of scripting is used, so they will load slower than shit if you use IE. Get speedy and use Firefox! Other features include HTML5 support – including embedded video playback without any third party plugins, improved CSS3 support, private browsing mode (won’t remember anything from sites you visit for your porn… uh… paranoid folks out there) and location aware browsing (Firefox can ask you permission to look up wifi hotspots, ISP info and cell towers to try and pinpoint your location. Sweet). Have IE try and do that. HA! Check out http://hacks.mozilla.org to view live web demos of cool shit that only works in Firefox 3.5 and NEVER in IE or other shitty browsers*
  2. Alice in Chains Music Video – Alice in Chains will be releasing an entire music video from their upcoming album Black Gives Way to Blue (sweet title). This is their fourth studio album, first in over fourteen years and first without vocalist Layne Staley. It won’t be the same, but Cantrell is still amazing so it should be awesome. The video for the song “A looking in View” will be on their website, and is not the first single from the album. The album is set to be released September 29th.
  3. I get to wake up really early to clean dusty ass projectors, get my hands black and breathe in harsh fumes. But then after that, I am going to party my ass off with 3-4 smokeshows with nice asses who all want me really badly. Then I’ll wake up in between the two lucky ones the next morning and be like “shouldn’t I be at work.” Okay, just kidding about this one (for now). But in other randomness: go Yankees, and happy birthday grandma (also 6/30). The day is really packed.

*Google Chrome is an exception. It is an excellent browser and I’d be all for you if you chose that over IE, but I still like Firefox best.

PS – This is post number 13 for the month of June. I had this many posts the entire year in 2007

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