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My Laptop Benchmark: Win XP 32bit VS Ubuntu 9.04 x64

July 12th, 2009 12:11am Leave a comment

So back in 2006, I bought a 64 bit laptop and never used a 64 bit operating system. What a waste, since it never took advantage of it. I pretty much was an early adapter of consumer 64 bit processors – so early that no OSes or drivers were out yet. Today, my computer is a huge pile of crap. I was bored and testing some weird, unexplainable issues that make no sense (that’s a whole other post) and decided that I wanted to see how much better the The following benchmarks were performed using Everest which is a Windows program (I got it running in Wine on Ubuntu)

Benchmark results (higher is better, except for the latency test):

Test Type Windows XP 32bit Ubuntu 9.04 x64
Memory Read 2291 MB/s 6547 MB/s
Memory Write 1843 MB/s 2670 MB/s
Memory Copy 2006 MB/s 2244 MB/s
Memory Latency 64.9 ns 50.4 ns
CPU Queen 3786 3808
CPU PhotoWorxx 2679 2921
CPU ZLib 12838 KB/s 12855 KB/s
CPU AES 2810 2836

As you can see, the laptop’s RAM benched significantly better on the 64 bit OS. The other tests were very similar, but were also slightly better. Everest does have a 64 bit driver, so that’s probably why.

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