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Cablevision at it again

January 2nd, 2010 2:48pm Leave a comment

Good job morons. You just don’t get it. At the rate you guys drop networks, you won’t be carrying anything soon. Food Network and HGTV were dropped because Cablevision refused to pay a slightly increased per-subscriber fee to Scripps Networks Interactive (the parent company). I mean, not that I care or watch these channels, but the point is that this stupid cheap ass company always loves to piss off subscribers. It goes way back to 2002 with the YES Network.

I mean seriously – get FiOS already (if available) – it’s far superior. FiOS gives you something like 200 more channels. Those channels are completely uncompressed and look stunning. Their guide actually works snappily and doesn’t take 2 minutes to load. Cablevision likes to compress the signal because their tubes can’t hold as much bandwidth – meaning that their digital picture looks blocky. Even their HD looks gross. Don’t even get me started on internets. FiOS gives you faster upload speeds than Optimum Online and matching (or better) download speeds. Oh and it sucks if you live in Fairfield County Connecticut, because Cablevision is the best available carrier. AT&T and U-Verse are garbage.

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