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Fantasy Baseball Time, Suckers

March 29th, 2010 4:26am No comments

Results of the 2010 CBS sports Fantasy baseball draft (before you complain it’s weak, it’s a 12 person league so relax:

Active Batters
McCann, Brian C ATL
Pena, Carlos 1B TB
Getz, Chris 2B KC
Jones, Chipper 3B ATL
Rollins, Jimmy SS PHI
Heyward, Jason RF ATL
Holliday, Matt LF STL
Kubel, Jason LF MIN
Damon, Johnny LF DET
Active Pitchers
Bell, Heath RP SD
Broxton, Jonathan RP LA
Cain, Matt SP SF
Hughes, Phil SP NYY
Lincecum, Tim SP SF
Penny, Brad SP STL
Wolf, Randy SP MIL
Reserve Batters
DeRosa, Mark 3B SF
Bonifacio, Emilio 3B FLA
Drew, J.D. RF BOS
Fukudome, Kosuke RF CHC
Reserve Pitchers
Blackburn, Nick SP MIN
Lohse, Kyle SP STL
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Bracket Update

March 28th, 2010 2:18am No comments

My 2010 March Madness bracket is ruined. Completely wrong. All of the teams I picked to get to the Final Four are out. This is why I don’t bet money on this crap. Second, I don’t know anything about college basketball. It’s been fun though.

It’s a safe bet to say that if you want to do well in your bracket, look at mine and pick the complete opposite teams. Cya in 2011.

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Hacking Around with FiOS’ Motorola Set Top Boxes

March 27th, 2010 3:00pm 2 comments

I apologize for this extremely technical post. If you don’t understand technology, go read something else. Otherwise…

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The Science of Goosebumps

March 19th, 2010 1:39am No comments

This is the most random thing ever but here goes:

This topic astonishes me. Did you ever read something or listen to a certain part of a song that gave you goosebumps? Tonight, I was reading one of my earlier writings and got the chills. The very next line of the writing stated “I keep getting goosebumps whenever I read the previous paragraph.” I didn’t even see that line yet, so it’s not like it was some preconceived notion. Anyway, for you science geeks, have some more info.

This paragraph was originally written about 6 or 7 months ago. As I reread the exact same paragraph tonight, I still got goosebumps. The fact that it still happened now when I forgot the writing even existed amazed me. How can some words on a page when read many months apart cause the same physiological reaction. Simply amazing how the brain works.

This happens a lot with music too. James Gedge once explained this in high school. There was a study of a song that used to give this one man goosebumps. The man then had a stroke, and the song did not affect him in the same way. He wasn’t able “feel” the song anymore. Pretty scary.

Fucking hypothalmus, messing with me… Actually, that’s kind of an important part of the brain. So nevermind.

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Verizon Delays Android 2.1 OTA Update

March 18th, 2010 3:52pm No comments

Way back in January, Motorola and Verizon announced that there would be an over the air software push to the Motorola Droid, upgrading it from Android 2.0.1 to 2.1 “soon.” Three months later, and two days ago – we finally heard of a 3/18 release date. Not so much.

This newest version of Android’s OS has new widgets, multitouch, 5 home screens instead of 3, a 3D app drawer (which I think was pulled from the Droid but works on the Nexus One) and live wallpapers (which thye we’rent going to include but decided to). Official notice from Verizon:

The 3/18 OTA software update will not happen as planned. A new date will be communicated as soon as possible.”

While you’re “delaying it,” you might as well add in the new Google Maps 4.1 that was just released yesterday -I heard it’s got some killer improvements. Actually, if they were smart, this should be the reason the update wasn’t released.