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Thanks, Dream

March 3rd, 2010 9:43pm Leave a comment

You ever have a dream where you are traveling towards something you want but you either never get there or it keeps getting further away from you? Yeah you have, those are common, and they suck.

But only my disturbed mind creates dreams worse than that. If I had the power to control people’s dreams I wouldn’t even put this shit into the head of someone I can’t stand. It’s just cruel.

So take the first paragraph, except instead of never getting what I want, I do get it. Yay! Sounds good right? Yeah, well 5 seconds later, it disappears. And for the next who knows how long, I am frantically trying to get it back. Walking far, looking in different rooms. Nothing. Empty. I mean, I slept through my two roommates alarms, people walking and the assholes upstairs doing their P90X workout video. Usually I wake up. But no, I kept sleeping because something was trying to piss me off.

Fuck you, dream. I know I have this issue in real life. I’m working on it. You don’t need to taunt me about it in my sleep, when I should be resting. I mean, this shit’s horrifying. I’ve had nightmares (not recently – more as a kid) where aliens killed me, I was murdered, ghost haunted me, I was burned to death, dead people yelled at me for being an asshole, disasters, etc – you get the point. Those don’t bother me. This just annoyed the crap out of me. Then you wonder why I stay up all night…

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