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This Blog Needs Repetitive, Weekly Segments

June 17th, 2010 4:06am Leave a comment

I’m thinking about adding weekly segments to this blog. I’m going for a little consistency and routine. Here’s the lineup so far:

Wednesday: Android App of the week – I will highlight a (maybe) useful Android app you should download or try (I might actually rip apart popular ones). Sorry iPhone bitches, no love to you. The iPhone 4 is cool and shit, but AT&T blows too much. Plus Android’s better anyway.

Saturday’s song of the week: I post a YouTube video of whatever is on my mind at the time/is new/is good/is annoying me, etc.

I’ll start with two for now. Have ideas? Use my comments.

Random ramble you don’t have to read: I didn’t sit through that social media conference for journalists last summer in Minneapolis for nothing. (I’m not a journalist, I just wanted a free trip paid for by these folks). One session was all about what makes a blog good and what makes it bad. If you read any of this blog prior to a few months ago, I was doing everything wrong because I didn’t care. Few updates, no weekly repetitive content, few images or media. I’ve changed (kind of)  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not looking for thousands of readers. If you read this, good for you, I try. If not, I really don’t care.

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