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Android App of the Week: Mangler

July 1st, 2010 9:01pm Leave a comment

It’s Thursday, which means I forgot to write Wednesday’s Android App of the week post. Well, here it is. This week’s featured App: Mangler.

Mangler is an open source Ventrilo Client. If you don’t know what Ventrilo is, then it’s pretty useless to you, but Ventrilo is a push to talk voice server usually used by gamers. You usually push a hotkey to transmit and talk to people you’re playing games with. And now I can pop in to see if anyone is connected on the go!

Ventrilo is tricky, because it is closed source and development is very secretive. Someone was making a client for Linux and then this dude decided to port the code to Android. Amazing!

Mangler is in alpha right now and much more features are going to be added later. The fact that it connects, transmits and receives audio – all on 3G or wi-fi just amazes me. Sweet!

What’s missing: Key transmit binding (assign a button on your phone to transmit) and an icon in the notification pane (letting you know that you’re connected to a server). Very minor. The fact that it works is killer.

One catch – it’s not registered in the Android market, so if you want to install it, you’ll have to go to settings–>Applications and check “Unknown sources” to allow the install of non-Market applications. To download it, head over here or scan the following barcode:

Scan this to Download Mangler 1.0-alpha3. You'll have to install it manually

Edit: It’s available on the market now. Search Mangler

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