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The Yankee Bullpen Can Suck It

July 2nd, 2010 4:54pm Leave a comment

Except for Mo, because he’s a legend. Fuck Joba.Way to come in and spoil Burnett’s shutout through 6 2/3. I mean the guy finally got over his problems and threw a gem and can’t even get the win because some over-hyped drunk driving Indian from Nebraska was good for two weeks then started pitching like a shithead. Joba has been shit lately. Then you get Robertson who’s good for a run or two. And most importantly, fuck Chan Ho Park. He has diarrhea and can’t get a man out. Comes in, walks the bases loaded, strikes a guy out like a tease, then gives up a double. Seriously – every day the Yankees bullpen just throws games away.

Oh and FUCK the entire offense who can’t score runs off of shit teams like the Mariners and Blue Jays.

Thanks for wasting my afternoon. I was going to go bike riding, but held of to watch these fucking assholes lose in 11 innings. I’m still going biking. But now I’m pissed.

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