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Android App of the Week: Barcode Scanner

July 7th, 2010 12:15pm Leave a comment

Barcode scanner. So useful. It does what it says, very nicely. It scans QR codes and regular barcodes. It’s packed with camera autofocus, web search, and can share scanned content via email or SMS. You can also share contacts, bookmarks and apps by generating respective barcodes and scanning it with another phone.

It just needs a few more features to be perfect:

  • It needs to scan datamatrix codes
  • You should be generate text and share that via barcode (You kind of can but it has to be on your clipboard, since you can share what’s on there)

Other than that, it’s a sweet app.

The only thing it needs to do is read datamatrix. Download it from the Market below (or click the image on your android device)!

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