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Random Tech Rant You Won’t Care About

July 14th, 2010 2:08am Leave a comment

Windows 7 is absolutely amazing. I have a spare harddrive with it installed that I swap out on occasion to test it out, but my computer is too shitty to run it full time. Since XP does what I need for now, I’ll keep it until I junk this laptop (soon?).

So little by little, I’m testing software to see if it works and learning the new OS, because I’m still way back in 2002 and haven’t left XP yet.

Administrative shares are disabled by default, but I got those working with a registry hack. Yay

Here’s the shit part: What the FUCK did you do to the firewall? It’s so fucking confusing, and I know everything about computers. Okay, it’s simple to add programs as exceptions, but when you view it in advanced mode, it looks like a confusing pile of crap.

Second complaint, I couldn’t get my SSH server up and running or past the firewall. Well sort of. It only worked on port 22, which is exactly the port I do NOT want to run it on. When I changed the port in the config file, it refused connections from my other computer. Secondly, it only worked with the firewall off. Sorry. I tried adding port exceptions (inbound & outbound), program exceptions, etc to no avail. Suppose I get it working eventually. I don’t want my firewall off. There’s no way in hell I’m running an SSH server with password authentication and no firewall for anyone to scan and hack me on So now if I switch to Windows 7, I’ll have to have an XP box set up just to run my fucking SSH server, since it’s temperamental on Windows 7. Thanks. Fix it.

So if anyone actually understands any of this, I’ll give you a  cookie (maybe). Oh and fuck the National League for winning the All Star Game. Christ, Phil Hughes. Way to put the Yankees to shame. Now I can’t get home field advantage.

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