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My Laptop’s Touchpad Can Seriously Suck It

July 23rd, 2010 1:18pm Leave a comment

By the end of this summer, this laptop is gone. Guaranteed. Because please explain to me how a fucking touchpad wears out? All a touchpad does is sense the capacitance of a finger. It’s not hard. So whenever I go to move my mouse, why does it spazz the fuck out and jump the cursor all over the screen rapidly? You have to see this – the cursor literally goes from one spot, disappears, reappears in another, clicks shit, goes to another spot. All so fast and without me moving my finger at all. The damn thing could be a screensaver, it’s all over the place. It’s not the driver, and it’s not a virus because it does the same shit on multiple OSes.

This laptop is a workhorse though. I don’t know how it keeps chugging along after I abused the shit out of it for 4.5 years: full CPU load for days at a time, no sound without headphones (hardware problem), I haven’t shut it off since 2006, it made it through college, so there was definitely beer spilled on it at some point, etc. I mean jeez. As much of a piece of crap this thing is, it won’t die. And as long as it semi-works, why should I buy a new one if I don’t like the half assed graphics cards that are being used. Might as well milk this to the holiday season and wait for discounts / new technology to come out.

(Half the time I have my laptop on my desk with a mouse, but when I’m on the go, it’s useless and painful to use)

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