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This is Why Kids are Stupid These Days

July 26th, 2010 5:59pm Leave a comment

See this is why kids these days are so fucking stupid: they aren’t even learning the alphabet right thanks to these assinine signs. Remember those signs that were taped up around the classroom with the letters and a picture? A is for apple. B is for bee. C is for cat…. Yeah. Well, every time I see this shit in a classroom where I work, I rage:

D is for dog. Okay, that’s fine.

E is for… Ed? What the fuck is that? Why isn’t E for elephant or something simple? Why the fuck is it for Ed? Who says that dude is an Ed? Maybe he’s a Bob.

F is for… Two children playing, a ball and the sun

H is for hat

I is for Monkey. It took me a few seconds to realize that the monkey was scratching his balls and that I was for itch. Really? How do you draw an itch? ICE CREAM, you shitpiles!

J is for jug

U is for arrow (yes, I know it should be up, but be easier. What ever happened to umbrella?)

V is for car (van? really?)

W is for a cloud blowing shit. How about Watermelon?

X is for Fox? I don’t know about your language, but in English, fox doesn’t start with the letter X, asshole.

Y is for crayon. What about yarn?

Z is for zebra.

And my favorite? K is for Kodak with a picture of a camera (I don’t have the image). I don’t know about you, but I don’t call my camera a Kodak. Therefore, K is not for Kodak you shitfreak! Since when do we start using company names to teach kids the alphabet? K is for fuckin kangaroo or something like that.

For fucks sake, if I were the teacher, I wouldn’t hang this shit on my classroom walls? It’s straight up ignorant.

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