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My First Chiptune (Well… A remix)

August 2nd, 2010 10:03pm Leave a comment

Last Saturday’s song(s) of the week featured chiptunes / keygen music. So I was playing around in OpenMPT and messing with some samples and patterns I found in a song file from an old game and came up with this:

Note about the music player above: The embed thingy above should be using html5 audio tag and play within your browser. It should work in Firefox 3.6, Chrome, Safari and Opera. Embedded is an .ogg file which is an open source format with great compression and high quality. HTML5 supports .ogg playback so your computer doesn’t need any special software. If you’re using some piece of shit browser like IE, it will generate a flash fallback player, but the file will not play because Flash doesn’t natively playback .ogg format. For fuck’s sake, use Firefox or Chrome)

The original song was featured on the level Medevo in the 1994 DOS game Jazz Jackrabbit. I thought it had potential but didn’t like how it was sequenced, so I completely changed it up.  Let’s say I made it a little bit more… Keygen-ish. If this interests you contact me for the original version to see how much it changed. I promise it’s not really like the original. $heep named devimo because it’s a scramble of medevo, the original level name.

Download the .XM file here (plays in WinAMP or VLC). XM

What’s an .xm file? XM files, or eXtended Modules,  contain numerous small (less than one second) sound samples in them. The music is sequenced on the fly using patterns. Meaning the samples. Think of it like an autotune. In this track, each drum sound is a sample along with the ahhh, the synth sound, a bass sound and the electronic sound chirpy sound. All you do is make patterns out of sounds and loop it. That’s how the file is so small.

Enjoy. And if you don’t like it, I don’t care. I do.

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