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Do My Images Align in Google Reader/ RSS feeds?

August 12th, 2010 2:11am Leave a comment

This is just a test post. I use Google Reader to read all of my RSS news from many different sites around the internets. Then I have this blog on there, and whenever I post stuff with images, they align like an asshole. So I think I fixed it, but it probably won’t work because I think I tried this fix last time and it didn’t so I was just like “to hell with Bill.” Nah that’s what Jay said. While on the roof. Ya know? Ya gotta joke around in this fuckin place. Hey if you don’t know what I’m talking about, oh well.

So yeah, this is a new paragraph. Don’t read this post, it makes no sense. it’s more of a test. And if you read this blog with Google Reader or any other RSS reader, let me know if that happy ass dude on the side is aligned left. Because that would be choice.

Oh one other thing. No lie, I colored the image to the left with my own right hand. Mad skills yo. Looks pimp, except for the shirt. That marker dried out so it looks like arss. And I know I went out of the lines on the sleeve. I tried to do a t-shirt thing but whatever.

To quote Lincoln (not Abe Lincoln, a much blacker Lincoln): “Throwing out dee old shit, same?”

Oh and stop putting your shit on the desktop. There’s an H:/ networked drive for a reason (read: you won’t lose your shit when I upgrade shit).

Problem, officer?

EDIT: And the answer. No they don’t. Fuckin A, B, C, D and E.

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