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Justin Bieber is a Stupid Little Shitbucket

August 16th, 2010 7:59pm Leave a comment

Mashable – On Saturday, Justin Bieber broke a sacred rule: He tweeted “everyone call me [number] :) or text” to his 4.5 million followers. The number wasn’t his, though, and the boy it did belong to was inundated with thousands of calls from Bieber’s fans.

Gawker reports that the victim was Detroit teen Kevin Kristopik, who deleted his Twitter account shortly after tweeting, “Thanks for giving out my # @justinbieber.” Apparently Kristopik hacked Bieber’s friend Ryan Butler to uncover Bieber’s phone number, then did the crazed fan thing and texted him.

What a fucking little shit. Imagine this little pipsqueak tweeting your phone number and then you get 26,000 calls and texts as a result? I’d murder him! Kid’s phone is ruined now.

This was some kind of sick revenge? “You found out my phone number and now I am going to abuse my popularity to get millions of people 12 year old girls to spam the shit out of your phone?” No one deserves that shit, it’s plain rotten. Real men would just register the phone number for prank calls and shit, you know, minor stuff just to piss the person off. But you need to be a major league, full of yourself asshole to do this.

At the same time this Kristopik is a moron. You text Bieber? Really? What the hell do you want him in the a? Maybe this bro deserves humiliation. I can understand hacking a friend’s account, getting Bieber’s number and then using it to piss him off. But texting him? Find a woman bro.

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