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Please Explain To Me Why We Need New Voting Machines

September 8th, 2010 9:49pm Leave a comment

So I got this ridiculous mailing today explaining that we got new voting machines. So instead of the old school mechanical ones where you mark notches and pull a lever, we now have a fancy new pieces of shit that scan ballots.

What the fuck is this, school? I need to go fill out a Scantron sheet to fucking vote? Do you know how inconvenient that is? Let’s go BACKWARDS and pull out the pencil and paper technology. Oh but you need an expensive, sophisticated machine to scan it.

This is why the county is broke, they don’t fix the congested, un-lit highways with washboard pavement, but they spend millions on fancy digital voting machines that use old school ballots and scan paper. What was wrong with the old machines? Yes, they look like they were straight out of the 1960s, but whatever.

This is why I don’t vote. Because you end up voting for politicians to make stupid decisions like getting new voting machines.

PS – Fuck voting. All politicians suck, except maybe this dude.

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