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T’rowin’ Out De Ole Shit Saaaaame

September 30th, 2010 9:12pm Leave a comment

I am in the middle of clearing out clutter from my room and the only thing that’s running through my head is “T’rowin’ Out De Ole Shit Saaaaame” As a matter of fact, it’s such an epic story that it deserves a blog post.

When I was working over at the district this past summer, there’s this epic custodian named Lincoln who’s the illest motherfucker around. Guy is the shit. Blackest man I know. This is a guy who was weeks away from  retirement and didn’t give two shits about anything – ripping cigs in the middle of elementary school hallways, straight up loungin’, shit talking his bosses. His title? Master electrician. Someone get me a job with the title Master________. How sweet is that?

So I’m in this dirt pit dungeon/ fallout shelter with the $heep where all of our old equipment is piled before it goes out to dumpsters. Our task for the day is to cart piles of rusted, dirt encrusted computer speakers and keyboards to the dumpsters outside. So we load up a cart full of all this garbange, take three steps into the hallway and this bro is just sitting outside, obviously not working. So we walk by him hauling all this shit to the dumpster and and he just starts laughing and out of the blue shouts out: “T’rowin’ Out De Ole Shit Saaaaame?”

I don’t get it. Where did the word same come from? Anyway, it’s probably not funny for anyone reading this, but if you heard it, it was an instant gem.

So now every time I get rid of stuff, I say that out loud  in a Jamaican accent.

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  1. 4/\/0/\/’//\/|_|5
    September 30th, 2010 at 23:48 | #1

    You can get a job as the Master Baiter.

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