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I Miss College Around This Time of Year

October 28th, 2010 11:05am 1 comment

Fuckin A. I'm sitting at home missing out on shit like this

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Google, You Tricky Bastards!

October 21st, 2010 11:22pm 2 comments

Gizmodo – The US corporate tax rate is 35%. Google, partially founded with taxpayer money and trading at $607 a share, pays 2.4%. How is this possible? Through an arsenal of offshore tax tricks with names like the “Dutch Sandwich.”

Google’s startlingly low rate—how much do you pay every year?—goes back to a deal brokered with the IRS itself. The feds let Google license its search and ad tech to a subsidiary in Ireland—Google Ireland Holdings—which begins a long, international cash siphon that ends in Bermuda. Licensing tech from Google racks up expenses, which allow Google’s dummy company to duck Irish tax law. The money generated in Ireland is shuttled to the Netherlands, which, because of EU law, further keeps government hands out of Google’s earnings. From here, revenue is paid to another subsidiary in Bermuda, where it becomes virtually invisible—under Irish law, this tropical tail end of this money snake isn’t required to disclose any financial documents.

Google cheats the government out of 3.1 billion dollars? Fuckin’ A Google! I love it. I just read the paragraph above. How tricky is that? I have no fucking clue what’s going on there. Money goes to this shell corporation, transferred to that country, gets send underground to this country. Jeez. Sounds like a plan. Fuck this socialist government and all its nonsensical spending – anyone who doesn’t pay tax is a hero in my book.

PS – I don’t know what a Dutch Sandwich is, but it sounds pretty dirty to me.

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No Words

October 20th, 2010 12:58am No comments

I just have nothing to say. Like I want to bash AJ, but I can’t. He did okay up to that 3 run shot. Even then the Yanks had a shot, but they were just slowly eaten away. Then you have Tex whose hamstring fell off and he’s finished now. Then our joke bullpen. Then you have Josh Hamilton doing coke with Ron Washington.

I don’t know why I’m disappointed – I said they wouldn’t get anywhere back in August/September but that doesn’t make me stop rooting for them. Then you have the Stadium which sounds like a fucking graveyard, along with people leaving in the 6th and 50k seats for people who aren’t real fans. Old Yankee stadium wasn’t like that – it was loud as hell.

Once again, Michael Kay is fully responsible for this collapse.

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Well This Just About Sums Up The Fucking Game Tonight

October 19th, 2010 1:17am No comments

I mean what the FUCK was that about? Cliff Lee was magical, you have to admit that. And Andy was brilliant through 7, Kerry Wood was good through 8 and I don’t know what the fuck happened in the 9th. I was going to blog before about how fucked we were with Cliff Lee, but then I held off because we had Andy Fuckin’ Pettite who’s been winning postseason games like it’s his job since 1996, so I figured maybe we’d have a bit of a chance. Nope. Once Josh Druggington hit a homer in the first I knew it was over.

Now here’s the question: did Girardi mess up the rotation? Because we all know Burnett is hopeless tomorrow. If I were Girardi, I match Burnett and Lee. We know Lee is a guaranteed loss if they score 0 or more runs, and since a loss is a loss, migh as well have AJ going out there with his 7.84 ERA giving up bombshells. Pettite actually had a chance to win if he didn’t play a fucking beast, so they should have started him tomorrow. Anyway, I’m rooting for you AJ. I don’t care how much you sucked this year – now counts and we need the w tomorrow so get your ass out there and win.

PS – What the fuck did I say? Michael Kay ran his God damn mouth about how the Yankees would crush Texas after game 1 because the come from behind win would hurt their spirits. Nope. Because of that Michael, the Yanks are going to drop 4 straight. Mark my words. Guy’s a bigger jinx than dark magic itself.

Anyway, this just about sums up the game in pictures:

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The 6 Train is Really Starting to Piss me off Lately

October 18th, 2010 7:38pm No comments

You know what sucks lately? The fucking 6 train. Don’t get me wrong, we all know that the 4,5, and 6 trains are the only legit subway lines in all of NYC. They’re new, they come every 5 minutes and they go through legit areas of Manhattan.

But recently, it’s been sucking ass. This morning, I was on the train for 10 minutes before the asshole decided to close his doors and pull out. Like seriously… You know how dangerous that is? Doors wide open – a prime opportunity for someone to come in, snatch something and then bail. Plus I have places to go.

Same shit tonight. The asshole conductor probably went to go take a piss and we’re sitting in the station for like 10 minutes. I need to run, people. Then, the moron yields to a 5 train and lets that go ahead of us, so we’re stopped for like 3 minutes. In my opinion, no train with me on it should yield to any other train. I have other trains to catch, Yankees to watch.

Anything slowing my commute or getting in my way is unacceptable.

Ps, I just ripped ass right now and pretty much gassed this entire car. My b.

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