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October 15th, 2010 2:01am Leave a comment

Time for the Yankees to kick some serious ass.

Got to admit, I wasn’t optimistic in the end of September, but the Yanks were boss vs Minnesota. Now here are three things pissing me off about the ALCS:

  1. Why the fuck is it on TBS? TBS sucks balls. We’ve got the joke team announcing over here. Ernie Johnson? Ron Darling  (ew, Mets announcer)? John Smoltz? And they you have that whack job goofball Craig Sager with his ridiculous assed suits. Where do you even get clown suits like that. Is this man for real? I’ve seen better dressed homeless bums in NYC.
  2. MLB umpires. Dumb and blind. Enough said
  3. Game 4 is an automatic loss, I promise. I should bet on it. Texas wins that game by 9.  A.J Burnett on the hill and you have all the Texas hot hitters who are going to urinate all over the man’s black eye. I mean they guy is so bad he pitched a simulated game against the Yankees for practice and hit two Yankees and they had to cancel the practice because he was a wild mother fucker who’d probably hurt them. Good thing is Joe’s got his bullpen all prepped for Burnett lasting 1 2/3’s

Yankees in 6

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