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Today, I Voted For…

November 2nd, 2010 9:03pm Leave a comment

Fucking nobody.

That’s right. I hate politicians. I hate government. I hate bureaucracy. I hate paying taxes to assholes who get nothing done, add more restrictions on everything by the second and make this country less free. I hate the shitty infrastructure in this backwards ass country – roads and bridges falling apart, yet the tolls are upwards of $6 each way with thousands of people passing every day (fucking MTA).

And if you say that I’m a bad American or I have no right to complain about bad politicians if I didn’t vote at all, fuck off. It’s a free country and I don’t have to vote. Why should I vote? If my choices are between one huge asshole and a lesser asshole, either way we’re fucked, so what does it matter. You get a disaster like George W. Bush fucking shit up for 8 years bombing empty caves like a douchebag and then Obama comes in trying to clean up all that stupidity with more utter stupidity that just costs even more taxpayer dollars.

Political parties are pathetic. They were designed in the 1700s when people were too stupid to know anything and no one had any transportation. Everything is Democrat this and Republican that. To hell with all of that! How about “this person is genuinely smart” vs. “this joker sucks balls?” The problem with politics is the two parties fighting. If you took all of that energy and put it into fixing up stupid shit, things might actually be half decent. And if you’re in some other weirdo party, you’ll get like 7 votes tops.

Next issue. Money. We all know the only person who wins is the richest/ or the one who spends the most campaigning. I don’t care how good you are – if no on heard of you because you don’t have big bucks or corporations paying for your campaign, you lose.

New York is completely fucked. Complete trainwreck up in Albany right now. You have a blind man who does nothing. Then you have a senate that just screams at each other all day. Then you have a crazy assed mafia bro who hates gays running versus some other moron who’s only popular because of his father. I love New York to death, but 98% of it is useless anyway. Like it’s common sense that if you don’t live in Westchester or the city, you live in the fucking boonies (forget Long Island peeps, they’re in their own world). Upstate, it may be nice, but it’s depressed as hell and no one should ever live there except for getaway summer vacation houses in the trees/mountains/lakes whatever.

PS – Thank CHRIST this election is over. I’m sick of people shoving campaign flyers up my ass everywhere I walk -train stations, subway stations, Grand Central, the streets, the parks, lobbies of office buildings. Go AWAY and stop killing trees with that shit.

PPS – This guy makes sense. It’s basic trickle down theory. Hey anyone lowring rent in my books is a good man. Mo money fo me.


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