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Read this Shit on Your Phones, It’s Better Now (Also, faster)

December 5th, 2010 5:04pm Leave a comment

Some half Asian girl bitched at me a few weeks ago that my mobile edition sucked on Blackberry. No one cares, Blackberries suck. We all know I’m all about the Droid (okay, iPhones are not for me, but they’re okay too). So I decided to change my mobile theme on this site. But not because she complained…

I’ve been investigating why this blog has been loading like absolute horse shit for the past few weeks and it turns out it was pretty much my plugins crapping out the server. After yelling at my host, they somehow hacked into my WordPress, disabled them all (how they got in is beyond me since I didn’t give them any authorization to, but that’s not the point). Now I’m not a moron – I disabled plugins before while troubleshooting these speed issues but couldn’t find anything wrong. Anyway, long story short, the mobile edition I was using was throwing crazy errors and making this crap run slowly. And dumbass .htaccess rules and a misconfigured caching plugin. I think I got it now (unlike my other few posts claiming to have improved the speed).

I’m also minifying all of my javascript and css (except for polls and ratings) with WP-Minify, so that should help a little bit too with the speed and cut back on the 45 server requests

So the blog should be faster, and also the mobile edition is pretty. Enjoyy.

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