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This News 12 Poll is Full of Shit

December 13th, 2010 10:03am Leave a comment

How full of shit is this poll? I happen to be in a Cablevision/Optonline household right now and News 12 happens to be on and they were like oh go vote on this poll:

First off, News 12 is God awful, but that’s another rant. Second of all, the government is fucking awful.

No way this is representative of the population or anywhere near accurate. ou know how many alcoholics we have up in this bitch? Goes to show you a bunch of 67 year old, boring losers vote on these things. Seriously, who votes on a News 12 poll? Stupid Cablevision bastards block this shitty ass website from other isps unless you’re a Cablevision customer anyway.

Fuck News 12, Cablevision, Jim Dolan. It’s inferior.

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