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OMG More Severe Weather Alerts (Not really)

December 22nd, 2010 9:20am Leave a comment

I go on weather.com to check some weather and see a severe alert red banner across the top. Hmm, are we due for snow? Nope!

So I look outside and it’s clear and cold. What’s the severe weather? The full moon! Are you shitting me? The full moon? The fuck do you think I am, a werewolf? Seriously though? The full moon will cause tides to flood us all. NOT. I’m like 10 miles inland anyway – this doesn’t even apply. This is almost as bad as that time they issued a sever alert about a light drizzle. F’in weather channel.

Good. Let them be higher.

PS – Happy winter, bitches. Winter is the shit because it’s cold and I like cold.

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