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These Morons Messed Up Our Office Carpet

December 29th, 2010 9:12pm Leave a comment

I get off the elevator this morning to walk out onto my floor and almost trip over some jackass’ tools because they’re putting new flooring carpet tiles down. Ok whatever, I’m all for building improvement.

The floor has been ripped up for weeks and it looked like asshole. Except when I walked into the hallway later in the day, I almost flipped out.

Just look at this shit. Guys can’t even lay carpet tile right. This is an absolute outrage.  You know how badly this annoys my OCD ass? It’s clear that the black border is supposed to go around the walls. What the fuck! There’s no wall there – it just goes straight across the floor. It should have gone around the corner. For fuck’s sake construction people, learn how to put down some carpet. Jeez.  And why is it two colors? The eff man? Learn some design. Learn common sense.

Absolutely disgusting, disgraceful and awful. Rip that shit up and do it over assmunches.

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