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Get This Dried Squid Away From Me

December 31st, 2010 6:25pm Leave a comment

makanan hasil laut = seafood in Indonesian

Some dude came up to me at work and asked me if I wanted to try something. He didn’t say what it was, but I looked at it and it was a fishy smelling piece of shoe leather. So I ate it and almost insta-puked all over the office. Dried squid. Yech.

What the hell is the purpose of dried squid? Absolutely disgusting. It was like chewing on a piece of salty, fishy leather. Fucking mummified squid. Then it kind of got mushy with saliva and was all chewy and shit. Then my hand smelled all fishy for the rest of the day and Purell wouldn’t even get rid of it.

Come on, who would eat this crap? I can understand if it’s the year 1400 and you’re on a pirate ship sailing across the ocean for two months and there’s no refrigeration. But it’s 2010. Want a snack? Nibble on some pretzels or some shit.

We all know the only legitimate way squid should be eaten is fried calamari. End of story.

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