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Protip: Don’t get Caught Looking

February 14th, 2011 2:13pm Leave a comment

First off, this is completely theoretical and never actually happened to me, maybe.

Say I’m walking behind some hot girl with a legitimate ass in tight jeans. There is nothing else to look at that’s more important at that moment than that ass (unless you’re a gay, and there’s nothing wrong with that). So here I am just walking behind someone – my eyes target-locked on, mouth probably gaping wide open like a kid on Christmas morning, etc. So obviously it’s safe to stare right? People don’t have eyes behind them.

NOPE. There’s a fucking glass window to the side and in front of her. So I look up and see the reflection of myself clearly. Here I am, making all kinds of faces, drooling, etc. and my reflection is like 100% visible. Nice. Might as well have been a mirror. I probably didn’t get caught but it was damn close.

Yeah caught looking sucks. Might need to work on that a little bit. I’ll have to admit, there are two reasons I end up looking at people for awkwardly long amounts of time: 1) they’re hot or 2) they’re ugly as fuck. I mean one time I got hardcore called out by someone visiting for a few days who flat out asked “Why are you looking at me?” That’s ballsy right there. I like that.

Yeah, haven’t made it out of 7th grade, bitches.

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