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How Badass is this new Foo Fighters Video?

April 14th, 2011 10:25am Leave a comment


This video is made of pure win. You can’t get any more badass than this, period. Did they worry about HD video or proper cinematography? No way. Just filmed it straight off one of those VHS 1990s home video camcorders with the old school white date in the corner. No worries in the world.

You have Lemmy drunk driving an 80s white limo. He hits a dude. Picks him up off the pavement, throws him in the car and they start drinking and ballin. Then, they pick up the rest of the band, who are landscapers just chilling outside their truck. They all start drinking in the limo, pick up Pat Smear. Window rolls down, cloud of smoke blows out, Dave Grohl starts puking out the window and they all just rip guitars out of nowhere and shred.

The amount of disorganization is epic and makes the video amazing. One minute you have them all in the limo messing around the next minute they’re standing on top of it thrashing drums and rocking out. Then you have some random hot chick coming out of absolutely nowhere. Moral of the story? Don’t drink and drive or you’ll drive off a cliff.

PS – I have an event coming up soon. If the antics in my limo do not top this, I will be sorely disappointed.

PPS – Way to bust my fucking bubble Dannyrob…. Guy calls me out on Twitter that this video is two months old. Yeah. So? The album just came out. So shut up. I’m making a point and I don’t have time to blog errrday

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