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Shut the Fuck Up About the Royal Wedding Already

April 28th, 2011 8:40pm Leave a comment

What’s the big deal? Am I missing something. I haven’t heard this much news out of the UK since Prince Charles had Dianna killed in that car crash. Two people are getting married. WOW. Fucking rare occasion. That doesn’t happen all the time… Who gives a shit. It doesn’t put any money in my pocket. I am sick of hearing about this nonstop for the past 3 weeks. Legit every news channel has been there all week and I can’t go take a piss without someone obsessing over this crap. Call me back when you’re talking about royal blow jobs or something…

No. One. Cares. Correction: no one should care. Too many people care, and it’s pissing me off. How about worrying about like… I don’t know… ANYTHING ELSE instead. Yep.


*Maybe I would if I was with the boys and there was a drinking game to it, but that’s unlikely.


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