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Rate this Old School Kevin Rose Drinking Video

June 20th, 2011 1:26am Leave a comment


How balling is this old school video of Kevin Rose chugging in 2006 ? It’s an outtake from TheBroken, which was an underground hack-y show Kevin Rose was involved with before he became mainstream and a Mac Fanboy. I mean…. I watched this shit so much in high school, no wonder I hit the bottle so much.

In summary: he has a chug-off with his co-host Dan Huard, who called him out for not being able to chug the rest of his 40. Then Huard starts chugging and can’t finish. Then Kevin just straight out owns him and chugs the rest and it’s total win. Rose just straight out clowning around and heckling the guy for being a drinking pansy. Absolute win over here

“Fuck you and your bitch ass ways…”
“I watched how you were being a bitch”
“Somebody has some shit left and I don’t”

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