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3G In Upstate NY Is Utterly Useless

July 18th, 2011 7:28am Leave a comment

I’m up in the boonies for the weekend and the 3G is borderline useless. I can’t load a damn thing because the cell tower is on top of the friggin other mountain. Welp… What can ya do?

You know what enrages me even more ? Verizon has some nerve saying I have a 3G connection with full bars. How dare they. There should be an asterisk that means “Yes, you’re technically on 3G, but because your in middle of hick-ass-ville, you will probably get like 28.8 baud. (For you non old times out there, baud was the old way of measuring internet speed. 28.8 baud is 28.8kbps. which is 0.02 MBPS. For a comparison, Cable goes between 3-15MBPS down, FiOS goes from 15-30MBPS down.

F-? Grades that low even exist? I would have given it a G- if G’s didn’t have a positive yet gangster connotation. Damn right my connection is a fuckin F- I couldn’t load a God damn webpage all weekend.

I can’t even compare it to the dial up days, because back then, at least pages were all text. Now, I try to load friggin Google and I’m pulling down a meg of javascript. Duh, my pages don’t load.

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