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I Just Choked Like the NY Mets Playing Cards Tonight

July 18th, 2011 1:24am Leave a comment

I just did a stupid thing. I had quite the epic battle going on with the mover in a tight game of rummy. There were about 3 lead changes and we went into the final round 5 points off. I go into the final round pumped, ready to win (since I lost yesterday).

I was killing the guy in the final round. I had all these points on board and was all set to make more and put the game to bed. BUT…. I threw a card out that I needed for myself but didn’t see it. He took it and ended the game with it. That stupid ass card could have given me more points, but because I was blind and tossed it, he took it and I ended up losing ALL of my points that round. And I lost the game.

Straight up reminded me of the time ARod hit a routine fly ball out which would have lost the game and Castillo dropped it like an asshole. Except I’m the Mets this time. Karma’s a bitch, isn’t it…


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