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The 6 Train Was A Dick and a Half Today

August 4th, 2011 10:15am Leave a comment

Fuck the summer. I don’t care how cold the AC is in the subway cars, it’s still 4 million degrees on the platforms and people smell like shit. Yesterday, there was an old fucking guy that stunk the car out and I wanted to shove him the fuck out the door the next time it o.

Secondly, why the fuck does it take 15 minutes for 6 trains to show up at Grand Central when the platforms are jammed? Seriously. The stupid boards that are useless report “good service.” No, it’s not good service. Good service is when there’s one train behind the last one. Fuck that noise. So because the trains were infrequent, I had to stand like an idiot mashing asses withn dudes.

Third, I need a fucking private office. I can’t even blog in peace. First, this clueless bitch sneaks up on me and I jump and minimize this like a guilty asshole. Then, the dude in the cube behind me starts is reading my screen out loud as I type and I’m like bro? What. The. Fuck. Mang.

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