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Boring Ass Post: I Ramped Up Traffic To This Blog in 2011

August 7th, 2011 10:35pm Leave a comment

Not that I give a fuck, but traffic is up from like 4 views per day average to about 30. I think the trick is to write every day. Something I do when I’m bored and not drinking. Which is a good thing because my liver appreciates it and I won’t die at like 27 years old.

This blog is for me to write outrageous commentary about ordinary things, in which my logic is flawless and I’m always right. It is not to be taken seriously. I don’t care if it gets 1 or 500 views. All I care about is that I can write about a bunch of nonsense just because I can.

SO enjoyyyyy, all of you people who get kicks out of the bullshit I blabber about. If you agree, you are on the right side. Also you’re like Maresca and disagree with me about everything from my extreme politics to how 90s grunge is better than 80s metal crap – I don’t give a fuck either.

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  1. Maresca
    August 8th, 2011 at 07:06 | #1

    OK! I wasn’t even gonna comment, but I have to.

    I read this while getting ready for work. I swear, that as soon as I got in the car and heard the radio…what the hell was on? NIRVANA (that really emo/melancholy one that people think is Cobain’s suicide note.) AHHHHH!

    Same thing when I got off the train Friday night! Pearl Jam was on!

    P.S. – Let’s just keep that Mohegan show from a few summers ago a secret! I wouldn’t want to taint your image! LOL!

    P.P.S. – Believe me, you’re FAR from the most messed up politically. FAR. Your Ron Paul thing might actually have been good.

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