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Lies! That’s Not How It Goes

September 12th, 2011 1:00pm Leave a comment

Gizmodo – Obama Kills Osama Collectible Figurine Should Be Made Into a Giant Statue. A Limited Edition, this jewel could be yours for only $129.

Fuck the people who created this piece of shit. That’s not how it goes. Obama is NOT a badass, didn’t shoot Osama in the head and didn’t change a fucking thing since he took office. Navy Seals killed Osama (if they even did and it wasn’t just a big publicity stunt. Where’s the proof?) Also, to hell with thise asshole Jesus Diaz over at Gizmodo who actually praises this thing.

Here is a list of things I’d rather do with $130 than to buy this fucking false action figure

  • Drink it away by myself
  • Buy drinks for my coworkers
  • Buy drinks for my friends
  • Buy drinks for strangers for no reason
  • Give it to a homeless bum so he can buy weed
  • Flush it down the toilet
  • Wipe my ass with it
  • Eat it
  • Douse it in rubbing alcohol and light it on fire
  • Pay 5 midget Mexicans to tie me down and whip me for 45 minutes
  • You get the point…

Then we wonder why countries hate the shit out of the United States. This is the reason folks.


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