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Sometimes I Wonder Why I Believe In Half of This Shit

September 18th, 2011 9:15pm Leave a comment

Sitting in church today. Let me summarize the Gospel reading in 5 bullet points:

  • Dude owns a vineyard and has some laborer workers
  • Dude pays normal laborers their usual wage for 8 hours work
  • Later in the day, dude hires more laborers. They only work 1 hour but get paid the same wages as those who worked all day
  • Laborers who worked all day complained that they should get paid more than slackers who only worked one hour
  • Dude tells them to fuck off and he can pay anyone whatever he wants

Fuck that noise. This goes against everything I believe in. I am fair. If you work all day, you get paid more than the slackers working one hour. End of story. The laborers should have told the vineyard owner to go fuck himself and then should have proceeded in sabotaging the vineyard.

This landowning dickwad is a real tricky bastard. He’s like… “You jokers who worked all day already agreed to this wage, so suck it. I am choosing to be generous for the others.” The only exception is if those who worked 1 hour are more highly skilled or did better work. But if they’re all the same, that’s fucked up to get paid the same to do less.

This can be compared to today’s shit economy. I work hard all day to pay people’s welfare. They sit at home, do nothing and get paid. I work. Life sucks.

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