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No One Informed Me That I Was Supposed to Take the Crazy Train Tonight

November 10th, 2011 8:50pm Leave a comment

The 6 train was out of control tonight. Absolute wackiest shit I’ve ever seen in my life. I think I ran into 3 bums, 2 people with Tourettes and a homeless politician/preacher. Not to mention the jolly singing homeless gentleman singing Christmas songs. It’s the beginning of November. Get a calendar.

Seriously… I walk to one end of the car and there’s a dude sleeping on the bench. He’s got a shopping cart duct taped to the subway pole with various shit in it. Across from him is another homeless dude with another cart of shit. This guy is preaching his ass off about “America is in trouble” and “the rich have it coming to them” and all that bullshit. The other homeless guy starts getting pissed because he was trying to sleep and told him to shut the fuck up. Another singing homeless dude joins the party and starts yelling at both of them because their carts of shit are blocking the way. Then I get a guy at the other end cursing his ass off and twitching.

They fucking bomb search me every day and you’ve got jokers just occupying the 6 train, disturbing the peace.

Only in New York, folks… Only in NY.

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