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US Now Imprisoning People for Internet Crimes Who Haven’t Even Set Foot Here

March 22nd, 2012 10:15pm Leave a comment

Torrentfreak – Richard O’Dwyer, the UK-based ex-administrator of the video linking website TVShack will be extradited to the US to face copyright infringement charges. Despite public outrage Home Secretary Theresa May approved the extradition order today. The 23-year-old student has never visited United States, but now faces several years in a US prison. Last year Richard O’Dwyer was arrested by police for operating TVShack, a website that carried links to copyrighted TV-shows.

Following his detention in the UK’s largest prison, the site owner fought a looming extradition to the US, but without success.  After a UK judge gave the green light to extradite the student two months ago, Home Secretary Theresa May officially approved the request from US authorities today.

Jesus Christ, America…. Want to worry about real problems instead, like overcrowded prisons, useless wars, shitty economies, etc. Not some dude who has NOTHING to do with the United States. Guy didn’t even set foot here and we’re fucking prosecuting him… Let the UK deal with him if they want. This is absolutely sickening that someone who’s never been to the US can be tried for a US crime in a country where they weren’t even caught yet or tried for a crime. For fuck’s sake. You know how much this shit is going to cost idiot america? Lawyers, prison food, shipping him over. Save the damn money and forget it.

F this place. No wonder everyone hates the United States and does bad things to us. Seriously. This dude didn’t mess with anyone.


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