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More Flawless Logic (Verified by D-Porpz)

May 18th, 2012 2:13am Leave a comment

See… I have some more flawless logic and a few (full of shit) people disagreed with me. So I checked in with my main man Dan and he agreed. So I’m obviously right. The Porpz is never wrong. Flawless logic to the max. Wooooooo!


Little bit unclear above. So you try to hook up with girl 1. Girl 2 pulls us apart. Try to hook up with girl 2. Shes like. Ew go away. This is bullshit.  She clearly wants it right?

The answer to this is to bang them both, preferably a threesome. But that may or may not be practical… So…  The girl who pulled this stunt on me is clearly delusional. Seriously… Unless you’re trying to get me all for yourself, why would you bother ripping me off someone else. Mind your mother fuckin business, cockblock. She’s clearly delusional and needs a dose of portfolioso D to straighten her out.

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