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Bunch of Ballers over at Verizon: 300MBPS FiOS? JEEZ

May 31st, 2012 1:27am Leave a comment

This is some insane shit. Verizon’s got a good pair of balls just going around beling like “Ya know what? We’re gonna just increase everyone’s speeds for no reason.” They just roll like that. They increased my speeds like 12 times for no reason since I got it for the first time. Also, when I initially wrote about FiOS in 2004, I was drooling over 5/2 and 15/5. That’s pussy speed. My 4G is faster than that.

A big Fuck you to cable companies. Eat my asshole James Dolan! Suck it U-Verse. Way to go, Big Red. Finally making America’s shitty ass internet comparable to Japan, Taiwan or any of those other more civilized countries that have insane speeds. When I get my 150/65, I’ll post back in:

Note: This praise of Verizon DOES NOT extend to Verizon Wireless. Fuck that division. Fuck them for releasing shitty phones, having asinine CDMA phones no one else in the world uses, $30 upgrade fees, killing off unlimited data,for never releasing updates to Android phones and for bastardizing Android phones with bloated ass Verizon shitware apps.

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