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Stop Asking Me About Work When I Get Home

July 5th, 2012 8:06pm Leave a comment

When I get home from work, I’m fucking exhausted and over it. I don’t need the people who are home with me asking me details about my day because I don’t fucking want to answer them or talk about work. The only time I will talk about work is if you ask me if I want to have a threesome with Elise and Malori, and in that case the answer is yes. Other than that, I’m home now and don’t want to talk about work. The following questions are bullshit and irrelevant to you. The shit is monotonous, so let me answer them once and for all

  • Was it busy today?
    • Yes it was fucking busy you idiot. I do everything for those fuckers. I eat, sleep and dream work. I’m on call 24/7.  I am the grand architect of next generation infrastructure. God forbid some shit breaks, my life is basically over until that shit is stable again.
  • Who was off today?
    • Who gives a fuck. Do you know them?
  •  What’s going on tomorrow?
    • Who gives a fuck.
  •  Did you have any meetings?
    • Yes. Why wouldn’t I have fucking meetings.
  • Will you be late tomorrow?
    • Yes. The Subways run like fucking shit.

For real. Go talk about something else.

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