Month: June 2013

Texiera Injured his Vagina Again

Portfolioso June 18, 2013 No Comments Sports


LoHud Yankees Blog – The Yankees have made a flurry of announcements in my short time at the Stadium today. First, it was announced that Mark Teixeira is heading back onto the disabled list with inflammation in his oft-injured right wrist. While the early indications are that the Yankees expect Tex to return shortly after his 15-day DL stint has concluded, the news for Kevin Youkilis is worse.

I was never a Texiera fan. Sorry. Maybe he was amazing before the Yankees, but he hasn’t proven it since he’s gotten here. Facts is facts. Dude is 100% useless in April. Then there’s a 100% chance that he ends up on the DL for at least 4-5 months with a swollen vajay.


Mad Jeesco

Portfolioso June 12, 2013 No Comments Useless Update

You know how KFC over at Barstool basically made “Cuncel Da Saeson” viral? Well I have another story about the word Jeesco. There was this video of some Indian IT swimming pool party, and about halfway through, one of the crazies in the video tried to say “disco swimming pool” but it actually sounded like Jeesco Swimming pool. So my boy John heard this and we thought it was hysterical, so whenever something is half-assed, falling apart, crappy etc, we say “that’s mad jeesco, bro”


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